Crystall Go-kart and motocross

Crystall Go-kart and motocross

For the Motocross, Go-kart and Automotive sector, the company produces kits in Crystal, a 400-micron thick material with a protective polyester film. 

Once printed, it is coupled with a double-sided adhesive suitable for application on polypropylene and polyethylene plastics.    

Also called Morbidone or Thickened PVC, Crystal can be printed both in silkscreen and digital. Its technical properties make it versatile for many sectors of use, such as the decoration of motocross, go-karts and motorcycles. It is suitable for the agricultural sector as well.

Its main plus is its remarkable resistance to abrasion. Other advantages are its thickness, shine, resistance to external agents and ease in die cutting. Especially in the motocross sector, a high abrasion resistance is essential: the rubbing of the rider’s suit in the area of the inner knee is due to the stresses and movements of the rider himself. 

In the go-kart competition sector this material is impact-resistant and during the application phase it is conformable on the whole fairing, also curved, because its application is made with thermal dryer: as a matter of fact, it is possible to apply it in every concavity or convexity.  The colours used are many, such as fluo, iridescent, pearl, glitter; also for this material, it is possible to use specific double-sided stickers.

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