Screen printing on adhesive labels

Screen printing on adhesive labels

Its skills in the field of industrial screen printing allows Seri-Art to print directly in 6 colors both UV and EcoSolvent on adhesive materials such as PVC – PP – PET.

The company makes use of screen printing for toys’ adhesive labels, items for the early childhood, cross and go-kart motorcycles, agricultural and earthmoving machinery, bicycles for adults and children, communication and advertising agencies, large distribution, household appliances and also for cosmetics.

Seri-Art complies with all regulations and standards in force for the toy industry: for example, the adhesive material according to REACH and ROS, EN71, PHTHALATE FREE, PVC FREE and other series of regulations to which the firm has adapted its work.

Also with regard to the motorcycle sector Seri-Art has to conform to specific terms imposed by manufacturers, which means adhesives for low surface tension surfaces (PP, ABS).

For the go-kart sector, instead, the company uses 400 micron thick crystal coupled with a specific double-sided adhesive, Nitto 5015Tpi.

Concerning the type of cutting of the label, the die-cutting can be done by half cutting, therefore without breaking through the silicone support, by through cutting, or with back cutting on the silicone, for a fast and optimal detachment of the final label. 

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