Who we are


For 50 years Seri-Art has been building its experience and ability in the field of screen and digital printing, trying to improve from time to time without losing sight of its primary objectives: the quality of results, service and expertise.

The purpose of offering an excellent service in screen printing to the Italian and international businesses, that chose and will choose this company, is the reasons why Seri-Art makes use of valuable and skilled collaborators: these people share love for the work and bring to Seri-Art and its customers important values like care, ability and passion.

The company cares about its clients and that is why the focus is on reliability. Seri-Art combines a constant research of service improvement with the respect of the times and the flexibility needed to respond to all kinds of requests.


Seri-Art was founded by Valter Galbignani who, today, together with his son Matteo, leads the company through the innovations of the sector with the dedication, attention and initiative of the beginnings.

 From an entrepreneurial adventure animated by a youthful enterprising to a reality of national reference for screen and digital printing, this is the story of the birth of Seri-Art:

It was 1966 and there was only one thought in my mind: “I can’t go on like this! When I get to find a customer who wants a T-shirt with a brand, an emblem or a writing all the earning goes to the printer! It cannot be that difficult to use a printer…I’m sure I can do it by myself!”.

Every night I went home thinking about how I could get a printer. It was Sunday, the day of my eighteenth birthday: I was at the oratory and Father Villa was after me to confess, but I continued to escape saying that I was very busy with my job. Some weeks later I had no option but to confess because I had been invited to my cousin’s wedding.

Is that all?” Father Villa asked me.

Before the penitence tell me something about your tours after work“.

Nothing gets past you, Father!” I told him all about my business with the printing of T-shirts. “Would you like an offer for the restoration of the bell tower now?”

You are a fool, Valter! Keep the offer for your printer!”

I went to the wedding and I met an uncle from Milan who was in the business of newspapers printing: he repaired rotary press. 

We talked a lot about new textile printing techniques and he told me that Milan was full of opportunities. He also told me that his colleague was selling an old but well-maintained printer for 200 thousands Liras. I immediately decided: I’ll buy it using my next 3 salaries, and I did it!

The story continued: Father Villa helped me get the printer, he brought me to Milan to pick it up and once back in Cremona I started this adventure with my partner Antonio. It was precisely the end of July when we started this adventure: the 23rd of July, 1966.


Since 1988, Seri-Art is associated to Confindustria with the Industrial Association of Cremona. Valter Galbignani was President of Industrial Associations for small sized companies of Cremona for 8 years; he was also President of small sized companies in Lombardy. The company’s excellence has been acknowledged. 

Seri-Art is listed among the 99 excellent companies of Lombardy and among the 450 excellent companies in Italy (Il Sole 24 Ore, 22nd January, 2007) for development and innovation.


"We are what we do repeatedly, so excellence is not an act but a habit".

There is a lot of the way Seri-Art understands its work in this saying: every screen or digital printing is a unique project, where the quality of the work is measured in detail often less than tenths of a millimeter. This is the level of attention and care that the company pursues every day.

"Behind every successful enterprise there is someone who has made a courageous decision."
Peter Drucker

Seri-Art was born from the courage of a young man who followed his passion and invested to make it a reality. It is precisely that same dedication that has guided the company since 1966 and which is still part of its style.

"When love and competence work together, a masterpiece is expected”.
John Ruskin

Seri-Art places great value on people's competence and its continuous development: the company team is a significant resource and the key for the business success.

"We did not inherit the world from our fathers, but we borrowed it from our children."
Robert Baden-Powell

That is the reason why the company has been pursuing the respect of nature for years, with the adoption of eco-friendly materials and colours for the prints. In order to power its production of clean and renewable energy, Seri-Art also activated a powerful photovoltaic system.


A team of professionals to ensure a high-quality service.

Seri-Art is listed among the 99 excellent companies of Lombardy and among the 450 excellent companies in Italy for development and innovation. 

Valter Galbignani

Founder & President

Matteo Galbignani

Sales & Marketing Manager

Stefania Visigalli

Administration and Accounting

Daniela Mantovani

Client Manager

Ronni Priori

Head of Digital Department 4.0

Tiziana Grandini

Sales Italy

Francesca Tessaroli

Graphic Department

Martina Scalvini

Export Manager


Love for the Territory

Seri-Art has always maintained a powerful bond with the territory that saw its birth and growth: being present and support the most deserving initiatives in the province of Cremona is a commitment that the company took and will carry on with pride, working or participating as sponsors. 

Among these initiatives there is the set up of the Pediatric Emergency Room of the Hospital of Cremona, the creation of the psychiatric assistance center thanks to the collaboration with the Rotary club of Cremona.

Seri-Art is at the forefront to support the excellence of the territory such as the Violin Museum, Ponchielli Theatre, the soccer team of the city U.S. Cremonese and the women’s volleyball team of Cremona, the U.S. Esperia Volley.