Digital Printing

Digital printing

Technology at the service of creativity

Seri-Art has a digital printing department able to produce small and large format prints.

The match of screen and digital printing has allowed the company to offer a complete range of products and services: large format digital printing, graphic design, illuminated signs, set up of large-scale retail stores, stores, offices, truck fittings, commercial vehicles, displays and signage.

Seri-Art makes the difference in the field of digital printing not only for the quality of its work but also, and above all, for the attention for all the phases before and after printing: inspection, graphic design, printing, cutting, finishing and fitting out.

Adaptability and customization

The digital printing process takes place in close contact with the customer because the company’s mission is to customize each material according to his needs.

Seri-Art, thanks to the skills it has developed, meets the clients’ expectations in the best of ways. The company guarantees a “custom-tailored” service: that is why it is referred to as “tailor” of digital printing.



Guaranteed quality and respect of the deadlines

High quality and fast digital printing is the goal that Seri-Art pursues every day, thanks to the advanced machinery to be used depending on the support materials required, such as:

  • DURST P5 210 for printing on small and large format supports;
  • Roland for eco solvent printing suitable for adhesive materials;
  • Comagrav, a milling machine that allows the customization of many materials in its carving;
  • Laminating machine, a roller machine that couples the cold or hot material with double-sided adhesive or glossy or matt laminations;
  • Liyu Q-Cut, CNC di ultima generazione, con velocità di taglio industriale e cambio teste automatico.
  • Two Mac workstations for graphic development.

Constantly growing and innovating

Seri-Art focuses on the growth and investment in new technologies to be at the forefront and to offer its customers a digital and screen printing service at the highest levels.

The company is investing on Industry 4.0: Seri-Art’s digital department, with all its machinery, is interconnected with the operators to constantly track the production steps of each single order and, at the end, carry out a detailed control of timing and costs.



Making of the graphic

Depending on the customer’s needs, Seri-Art’s digital printing graphics department designs the file with the most suitable technical characteristics for the best outcome: then, the submitted proposals are reviewed and confirmed or modified. The formats required to proceed with the printing are .pdf .ai .tif .jpeg .eps. 


Small or large format printing

The company can propose two printing alternatives, small and large format. Unlike screen printing, digital printing does not require film making and screen printing frame engraving.


Seri-Art provides a great advantage: the possibility to realize prototypes and samples in digital form. For complex projects, or in the definition phase, Seri-Art is the ideal partner to study in detail the best realization, before proceeding with the high-volume production.

Custom-tailored digital printing

Digital printing in Seri-Art is complementary to screen printing: the company works on unique projects tailored to specific needs, to ensure maximum customization.


digital printing process


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