Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing specialists for over 50 years

Screen printing is a technique that allows to print any type of image, graphic or drawing on an infinite variety of supports and surfaces.
Seri-Art was born more than 50 years ago and it is currently considered among the Italian leaders in this field. From a small artisan workshop, the company has taken a full industrial dimension. With a solid and wide entrepreneurial structure, Seri-Art can ensure the making of every single screen printing project: after every step of colour, the operators check the colour rendering and intervene with professionalism to achieve the quality required.

The versatility of screen printing

Its skills and printing technologies allow Seri-Art to decorate and customize any type of material or surface, so as to operate successfully in a wide variety of sectors: toys, items for the early childhood, agricultural machinery, cosmetics, cycles and motorcycles, signage, health care, earth moving, as well as in the fashion world.
Depending on the customer’s needs, the company can print any requested image, in four-colour or with a Pantone or Ral reference.


The choice of colours and materials for the best outcome

Seri-Art has a deep knowledge of colours and materials because, according to the company vision, it is fundamental to constantly invest in the training and updating of the team. The focus is on the research and development of technologies and machinery, in order to propose modern and advanced solutions to the customers, as well as a complete consulting support; from the idea to the finished product.

The technologies that Seri-Art is equipped with allow the company to process adhesive materials, polycarbonate sheets, crystal, polycarbonate and polyester keyboards, sheet metal and electrostatic materials. It is also possible to print in multiple colours: Seri-Art is specialized in four-colour printing and special colours such as fluorescent, iridescent, pearl or glitter.

The value of collaboration: at the customer’s service

Seri-Art is a synergistic partner that supports its customers in every phase of the product realization.

According to the customer’s needs, the print can be realized directly on products, on the supports made by the company or on the material purchased through Seri-Art’s trusted network of suppliers. In order to complete the work, according to the requests, the company can also take care of the packaging of the single kits or of the final packaging.

Seri-Art’s goal is to play an active part using its know-how: the firm is committed to advising on the most effective technique to produce the optimal solution, in full compliance with the needs of the customers.
Seri-Art always distinguished itself with pride with a strong customer and result orientation as well as a great level of service flexibility. The customized product is always offered within the agreed deadlines. 



Customized design and preparation of printing frame

The screen printing films are made by Seri-Art’s photolithography department and then they are engraved on the printing frame which are suitable for the type of processing.
Once ready, the pictures are taken to the screen printing department where they are set up on the machines.


Silkscreen canvas preparation

The application of gelatine for silkscreen canvas, viscose and generally pink or purple, is carried out on both sides of the frame. 

This process has been improved thanks to specific machinery and then, after that, the screen printing frames are engraved.


After the machine set up phase, the operators load the colours suitable for production and start the screen printing phase. Through the doctor blade, a machine component consisting of a rubber sheet with a thickness of 8/10 mm, the ink is pressed through the engraved spaces of the screen printing frame.

During the printing process, the professionals make the registration of the work and then they check that the output of the final sheet corresponds to the confirmed sample in colour and quality. 

The screen printing -operation can be replicated for an infinite number of times: Seri-Art optimized the production process with techniques and tools that speed up each automatic passage, to allow the operator to easily carry out his quality controls.


After the printing phase, the subsequent step is the die-cutting phase: the operators set up the pre-established die-cutting machines for through-cutting or half-cutting.

For certain types of works, the packaging can be realized in a single kit or wrapped. 

Once finished, the material is packed and taken to the shipping department waiting to be delivered.


The phases of screen printing

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